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In the first quarter of 2014, Destinia.com will begin accepting payments in the virtual currency known as Bitcoins, making us the first online travel agency in the world that allows its clients to purchase airline tickets and book hotel reservations using this currency.
Destinia.com, the first travel agency in the world to accept payments in Bitcoins. 2

Up until now, a British space flight company has been the only other one to publicise its intentions to accept payment in Bitcoins, a currency that offers the added advantage of savings in back transaction fees.

Another attractive feature of Bitcoins is that the payments are immediate, even in the case of international transfers, which can ordinarily take several days to clear.

Bitcoins are a payment system that enables anyone to make payments on the Internet without the involvement of financial entities or institutions. In short, payment by Bitcoin is secure, immediate, direct and free of the commissions that can increase the final price of a product of service.

Amuda Goueli, Managing Director of Destinia, believes that, ‘As this is a very innovative model, we may soon be witnessing a phenomenon of incalculable magnitude. In the future, Bitcoins could very well become the most common means of payment in the world.’

‘Who knows if in a few years we will have gotten over our fear and misgivings about using them? Not so long ago, consumers were reluctant to provide their banking details on the Internet, yet today it is common practice. At Destinia, we are banking on the success of the Bitcoin, which is why we want our users to be able to purchase their travel tickets using this currency as soon as possible’, states our CEO.

Throughout its twelve years in business, Destinia has been a pioneer in many of the technological advances witnessed in Spain’s electronic commerce. With over a million clients and a selection of some 230,000 hotels, the agency is among the top five in revenues in the country and has expanded throughout Europe and particularly in the Middle East.

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