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The Internet is buzzing with excitement. A Game of Thrones just released the third trailer for Season Six: an immersive video that has created a media splash that has Twitter users feverishly pressing the hash key. Unfortunately, fellow fans, we at Destinia cannot say whether Tyrion Lannister will survive his everlasting enemies or whether Khaleesi will found a new dynasty. However, we can recommend these great hotels to keep you near the locations where our favourite series has been shot. Come while there’s still time, before the 24th!

Hotel Aire de Bardenas ****, Tudela (Navarre)


A setting like the peculiar Badlands of the Bardenas Reales in Navarre merits a hotel with an equally unique design. This four-star wonder is literally located in the middle of a bare wasteland. Cubicle architecture, sustainable materials and an incredible pool in the middle are just a few of the highlights of this retro-futuristic Melrose Place. If you peek out the window, you’ll glimpse a location from A Game of Thrones. And the surroundings look like something straight out of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Hotel Llegendes de Girona
****, Girona (Catalonia)


The ancient Girona citadel was also the site of some of our favourite characters’ adventures. Our recommended lodgings stand right in the city centre, only a short distance from the cathedral, the Iglesia de San Félix and the Arab baths. The building is a restored eighteenth-century jewel, equipped with all the modern amenities. Come fantasize with us!

Plaza Vieja Hotel & Lounge ****, Almería (Andalusia)


From the casual terrace of this nineteenth-century building, you can see the Citadel at the heart of Almería’s Arab marketplace. We don’t know the next plot development, but while you’re waiting, you can treat yourself to a Turkish bath at the hotel. Or you can go down for a bite at one of the adjacent tapas bars. You might not know it, but in this city, for every beer, you can choose a snack from the menu. Here’s to progress!

Hotel RH Boutique Porto Cristo
****, Peniscola (Castellón)


From the hotel terrace, you can make out the castle, stalked, according to legend, by the mother of all dragons. Other outstanding features of the hotel include its pool and its proximity to the beach and the rest of Valencia.


Hotel Palacio Marqués de la Gomera ****, Osuna (Seville)


Okay, we admit we’re indulging in an unabashed #tbt here, but who can forget the Meereen arenas and that scene with a whole swarm of people? The guest quarters we’re recommending in order to jog your memory are situated in a beautiful eighteenth-century mansion with a charming courtyard, a baroque façade and rooms with period furnishings. Come and let time stand still!

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