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Who said traveling around Europe had to be expensive? Discovering the best destinations the old continent has to offer within a reasonable budget and in style is possible with this selection of cool hostels that you will not want to miss.

U Hostal (Madrid, Spain)

Located on Calle Sagasta in Madrid, this hostel can be found within a XIX century palace. This accommodation is inexpensive, however also modern, clean and with excellent facilities, where you can meet people from all over the world and have fun.

U Hostel offers Wi-Fi, a library and even a private movie theater, luxuries that even most hotels do not offer. Rooms are cleaned daily and have private lockers. The custom made bunk beds have comfortable mattresses and individual reading lights. You’ll be more comfortable than in your own home! Breakfast is included in the room price, consisting of a glass of juice or milk and two pieces of toast to get you started before a day touring Madrid!


Photo: Wildbindi (CC BY-ND 2.0)


Safestay Hostel (London, UK)

In Southwark, just a two minute walk from the Elephant & Castle Underground station and close to the main tourist attractions of London, there is Georgian style building from the XVIII century, the Safestay Hostel.

But don’t let the stately façade fool you, the decoration of this hostel is vibrant, colorful and with an avant-garde design like no other. So much so, that it is referred to as a poshtel. Its rooms have modern designed bunk beds with individual lights and curtains for extra privacy.

At Safestay Hostel, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi in common areas, a computer room, dance room and even a beautiful illuminated garden with outdoor heating and blankets to keep warm in the cold London nights. All the comfort imaginable and in the heart of London!

Safestay Hostel

Photo: www.safestay.co.uk

 Plus Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

This hostel is located next to Warschauer Strasse, close to the S-bahn station and the East Side Gallery, one of the remaining standing sections of the Berlin Wall. All of the rooms come with Wi-Fi and a private bathroom, something quite unusual to find at a hostel.

Plus Berlin offers so many comforts and conveniences that it could practically be considered a hotel: an enormous restaurant, sauna, garden and a 20 meter indoor pool that is the star facility of the establishment – are we talking about a hostel with a pool or a pool with a hostel? And if you decide to fly to the German capital to enjoy this hostel, don’t forget that on Wednesday mornings, free yoga classes are offered to start the day off right.

Photo: http://plushostels.com/plusberlin

Photo: http://plushostels.com/plusberlin

Lavender Circus Hostel (Budapest, Hungary)

If you are looking for an exotic and surprising place to stay that transports you to a faraway time, this is the hostel for you. Its design and atmosphere are unique, as the entire hostel is decorated in an excessively ornate colonial style. In every corner you can find antique objects from various countries and each room is decorated differently, with hand-painted murals on every wall.

The Lavender Circus Hostel specializes in offering double rooms to make an even more enjoyable stay for its travelers. It is rare to find a hostel that offers private rooms with beds for two and a private bathroom. All this for just 16 Euros a night!

Photo: sitio www.lavendercircus.com

Photo: sitio www.lavendercircus.com

The Red Boat Mäleren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a cruise? This is a charming hostel on board two boats docked to the shores of the Mälaren Lake, located in the center of Stockholm. Instead of rooms, this hostel offers cabins and while the common areas are not very spacious, everything is very well organized. There is plenty of room to rest and sunbathe on the deck. All aboard!

Photo: Katie (alaskahokie)(CC BY 2.0)

Photo: Katie (alaskahokie)(CC BY 2.0)

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