Follow that Pokémon (Holiday Tips Now that you are Totally Addicted to It)

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“Follow that Pokémon”. The taxi started abruptly and turned right. The driver stepped hard on the accelerator, turned left, but the junction and two vehicles got in the way. Bulbasaur successfully continued on his way, another hunter was beaten. Three weeks ago, it would have been unlikely for a story to start like this, even for the game’s biggest fans. However, in a short time, Pokémon Go has become a cross-generational phenomenon which is ever-present in everyday life. And especially in tourist life.

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As Pikachus’ army has become available on the different local Play Store and App Store, Nintendo has been gaining ground in the Risk game of gaming. And although there are those who have already identified Dratini, Snorlax, Lapras, and Chansey as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -Mourinho, always controversial, has forbidden his players to join the current trend- there are those who praise the creativity, the ability to interrelate, and the mandatory moving it provides.

In addition, numerous app businesses are being emerging around the social phenomenon -which looks like it will not be short-lived- to improve the users’ game: From one that helps you save battery (Go Extender), another collaborative app in which users provide their opinions on how to capture these little creatures (PokeCrew); as well as others that tell you where and how to get them all, such as Pokemap or Poke Radar. And if you want to meet others who are committed to the cause, download Gochat, the devoted players’ Tinder.

And now that you’re already totally addicted to it, it’s time to go on holiday. With the applications mentioned above you can start your adventure anywhere on the planet where the game is available. But if that’s not enough, we recommend you to look for Pokémon Go + your destination on your Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Most of the users in the cities have created community profiles on these social networks -such as the @PokemonGo_MAD Twitter handle, with its own Telegram account, and where its users are creating a complete map of the capital city on Google Maps that has nothing to envy the vintage Seagram’s guide -and you’ll be able to find out where are the best PokeStops and gyms in the area. And, if you’re lucky, you may run into a meetup in the area, such as the ones held last weekend at the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, or the Arc del Triomf in Barcelona, which were trending topics on Twitter for hours.


It would also be of interest to capture the local species of each region. So, if you travel through Europe you may catch Mr Mime, Tauros will be at your phone’s reach in North America, Kangaskhan may be yours if you travel through Australia, and Farfetch’d is waiting for you in Asia.
Lastly, we advise you to research about the authorities regulations at each destination because, while in Japan they have asked to please stop playing around memorial areas -which was also requested for the Auschwitz Museum, out of respect to the victims-, at Benidorm they are hunting for millennials through a campaign that shows which are the best locations to find Charmanders, Charizards, and other little fellows.
And remember: Don’t hunt Pokémon and drive!

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