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What is our reaction like when we send a WhatsApp message and we do not get a reply right away? That’s right, anxiety. Our lives move forward too fast. Sometimes we need to stop and that tedious wait between flights can become our best ally for this purpose: Taking a break, doing something new, or even try something we would have never found a minute for. Try something new and use some of the ideas in our tips to make your airport layover more enjoyable. Packing is often considered one of the most stressful parts of taking a trip so do not let a scale add more anxiety to your life.


Turn off the data plan on your mobile device, get away from the Wi-Fi spot and empty your mind. It is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries. Meditation is an art. If you are familiar with this kind of discipline, this will ring a bell. It is the chance to dedicate this short daily half hour to mindfulness.

Write a post card

Lovely #stamps from #Belgium ?? #postcrossing #postcard

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Now that we barely receive anything, not even bills in our mailboxes… Wouldn’t you like to receive a souvenir like this? So would your mother, so make her happy!

Finish that novel that…

Has been in your bag for who knows how long… between the infoxication and the multitasking lifestyle that sometimes makes it difficult to focus on just one thing. This could be a good chance to relax and enjoy some reading.

Or that chapter from…

The Handmaid’s Tale that you have been working on for over two weeks. Put your headphones on and enjoy the options available to you through the WI-FI, your mobile device and your Netflix or HBO subscription – depending on where your layover is, you might not have access to the content, so it might not be a bad idea to download what you want to watch before you head out on your trip.

Answer those emails

If you are on a business trip and your work has piled up, no problem! Use this time to answer those emails.

Find your match on Tinder

We do not believe much in soulmates, but take a spin on your regular dating app. You might even find someone interesting to drink coffee with in the layover hours.

Take a little nap

Little snooze pitt stop, just enough room to swing a yoga mat ???? . #Dubai #snoozecube #roomwithaview #travels #namastayyoga

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Being relaxed is essential for facing the next flight. You no longer need to hold onto your belongings if you are traveling alone: many airports have lockers where you can leave your luggage and others, like Heathrow or Gatwick in London even have capsule hotels where you can spend the night. The Dubai International Airport has a similar concept: SnoozeCubes, which are ideal for taking a rejuvenating nap for a few hours. And at the Dubai International Hotel you can even take a dip in the pool, another nice way of relaxing and killing time.

Go shopping

From standard stores like Zara and Mango to diamonds and gold in the Dubai Duty Free shop, and trying on some cowboy hats and bull’s head bowties in Dallas-Fort Worth, shopping at the terminal can be fun – the Miami airport alone has over 200 stores – Even if you are just window shopping. We were going to suggest an eye-mask to help you with your calm siesta.

Eat like a king

It will cost you, of course. Nevertheless, the days where airport food was limited to vending machines and questionable quality precooked meals are long gone. From the headquarters of the Japanese king Kabuki Wellington in Madrid-Barajas to the eight Michellin-rated restaurants at the International Airport in Geneva, through the “I Love Paris” of the three-time champion and popular French chef Guy Martin at Charles de Gaulle – your culinary experience during your layover can become a luxury.

Explore the area

Can you guess the name of this aquatic-themed garden located in the transit area of Terminal 1? Hint: take a look at what’s in the pond!

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Sometimes you can find surprises, like at Changi in Singapore, which has a pool, movie theatre, and a garden with orchids, cacti, and butterflies. And in many airports, such as at Terminal 1 in Madrid-Barajas, you can find a play area, which helps keep the little ones entertained.


Take a walk. Otherwise here we are letting you know that you can do a lot for your body even while sitting down.


It can be a risky decision depending on how much time you have. Check with the tourist information counter about how long it takes to get to the city centre, the transportation schedules, and check out a specific museum, neighbourhood, or monument. You are in a hurry and it is not the time to go on an adventure!


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