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We love breakfast! We doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee, a glass of freshly squeezed natural fruit juice or a warm piece of toast with jam, pâté or cured meats? And if the first meal of the day is well prepared and with the perfect presentation, who can resist sharing it on Instagram? Instagram, the most visual social network, has become an indispensable application on our smartphone and in our day to day lives. It’s the space to see and be seen. And for that, users and brands adorn themselves to share their best smile and of course, hotels with their scrumptious breakfasts, could not be left out!

Mandarin Oriental” Breakfast

This spectacular hotel chain does not offer a buffet table covered with baked goods and mountains of fruit. They specialize instead in the details and in the most delicate and cared for presentation. If you have the opportunity, be sure not to miss their weekend brunch offering!

What’s your favourite sweet treat to pair with #coffee? At @mo_milan indulge in the accompaniment of your liking!

Una foto publicada por Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (@mo_hotels) el

Are you a fan of #fruit tarts? #MOfoodies Una foto publicada por Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (@mo_hotels) el

Relais&Chateaux Breakfasts

If what you are looking for is a place to escape from the hustle and bustle, a corner where to enjoy nature from a spacious dining room, a terrace, by the chimney in winter or the pool in summer, this is the place to go. Their breakfasts are at the level of their well-renowned rooms, combining tradition with avant-garde, where each and every last detail, such as the croissants and butter, are a small and delicious treat. To enjoy such an experience, you can head to the Relais&Chateaux Valdepalacios in Toledo.

Majestic Hotel&Spa Breakfast

If you prefer the classic breakfast buffet, then make a reservation at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona. In a well-preserved wood pavilion, sweets, fresh-baked breads, sandwiches of all types and flavours, and fruit from around the world are presented in an entertaining fashion. Some of their highlights are the brunch and their traditional “pà amb tomàquet”. 

Mens sana in corpore sano. Are you up to a #healthy #diet? Mens sana in corpore sano. ¿Te apuntas a una #dieta #saludable? Una foto publicada por Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona (@majestichotel) el

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