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Rooftop terraces are an ideal complement to the long Spanish afternoons enjoyed in Spain during the spring and summer and at Destinia, we are all about them! Imagine an afternoon with friends: it’s getting dark and the ambiance of a rooftop terrace could be either elegant or informal, modern or vintage, and where you can try a new cocktail or have a favorite beer, with good music and the best views. Could you ask for anything more as you start off a warm summer night?

Terraces in Madrid

“From Madrid to heaven”, as the saying goes, and a terrace to view it all. Madrid takes the forefront when it comes to fashionable terraces, being a pioneer in refurbishing the rooftops of the most chic hotels of the capital to offer visitors and “Madrileños” alike a cool alternative to shake off the summer heat. It’s true that in Madrid there is no beach; however there are many terraces to enjoy as the sun goes down over the capital.

The Roof – Plaza Santa Anaterraza Sta Ana

This terrace, located on the rooftop of the Hotel ME on the Plaza Santa Ana, offers spectacular views of the city center and the Barrio de Las Letras neighborhood that surrounds the plaza. The privileged location provides the ideal atmosphere to have an aperitif and the opportunity to carry on into the evening enjoying the best cocktails in a relaxed and chilled environment.

La Terraza de CibelesTerraza Cibeles
This spectacular cocktail bar issituated on the sixth floor of the emblematic Cibeles Building, located on the Plaza Cibeles. The terrace has a restaurant in addition to the bar with DJs playing music into the night, where you can enjoy anything from a cocktail to a coffee, making this a perfect plan to enjoy as the day winds down in Madrid.

Terraces in Barcelona
Barcelona can boast some of the best summer terraces with the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean that the Iberian Peninsula has to offer. A cocktail, music and views of the Mediterranean… what more could you wish for?

Sky & Bar Gran Hotel Barcelonaterraza Hotel Barcelona

Located on the rooftop of the Grand Hotel Central, this terrace offers some of the most impressive views of Barcelona, with the possibility to enjoy the best infinity pool in the city. Every drink you can imagine is offered at this excellent bar of the highest standards. At night, the candles, low tables and sofas transform the space into an authentic “chill-out” area to continue the evening with friends and drinks while enjoying a quiet and relaxed ambiance.

Terraza AlaireTerraza Alaire

Would you like to discover a unique vision of the most modernist Barcelona? This cocktail bar is situated on the eighth floor of the Hotel Condes de Barcelona and offers some of the most extraordinary views: Gaudi’s La Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The terrace offers the possibility of having an appetizer during the day, an informal dinner in the evening and a cocktail or beer at any time of the day.

Terraces in Bilbao

Following the trend of other prominent Spanish cities, Bilbao has multiplied the number of terraces over the last years, allowing summers to be enjoyed in a whole new way. There are terraces for all preferences, and all of them offer a great way to start the evening. However, don’t go too late, as most of the terraces close just after midnight.

terraza Yandiola

Photo taken from the Facebook page of La Terraza Yandiola

La Terraza Yandiola
We can start off by visiting the emblematic Alhóndiga Building, recently renamed Azkuna Zentroa, where on the seventh floor, we can find this magnificent terrace. It has all the essential ingredients to be considered one of the hottest places in Bilbao: teak wood floors, designer furnishings, large umbrellas and a domed building to further enhance the views. The terrace offers a great atmosphere, chill-out music and a cocktail menu and drinks for every appetite. If it is a little chilly, do not to worry: they have thought of everything, including heaters and a covered area. Do you dare to start your night off here?

Terraza del Hotel DómineTerraza Domine
This terrace offers extraordinary views, spectacular cocktails and the most chic clientele in all of Bilbao. You can enjoy a drink while gazing at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, the Estuary of Bilbao, the University of Deusto, the Iberdrola Tower…. A lasting experience for locals and visitors alike.

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